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Rid your home of extremely harmful and destructive termites with P & A Pest Control in Orange & LA Counties, CA

Termites are often called the silent killers of the pest world. Termite control services are important because the insects eat away at the wood and foundation of your home. This leaves the structure of your property weak, which poses a serious threat to the entire family. Don’t let termites eat through the walls and beams that stabilize your home. Get professional pest removal services, and show those unwanted insects that you mean business.
At P & A Pest Control, we know that your home or business is extremely important to you. That’s why we take the pest control services that we offer seriously. It’s not enough to simply remove termites; we also localize the damage they have caused. If possible, we offer wood repair services to help restore strength and stability to your home. Put your trust in us, and take control of your home!
Let us knock out those termites!

  • Damaged wood repair
  • Fumigation for drywood termites
  • Escrow Inspections (some fees may apply)
  • Localized treatment for drywood termites
  • Subterranean termites
P & A Pest Control

P & A Pest Control